Our Own Factory

The steel structure is the foundation of any modern buildings. We produce steel structures exclusively in our own production areas where we take care about the quality, details and overall processing of production. The only way how to supply the high quality of final realization of your project.

High Quality

Our experiences, counseling since your first project ideas, our know-how, own production factory with the quality control, professionals and qualified staff that are the values which only our customers receive and highly appreciated. Let´s see our portfolio or references

Solution for Everyone

Are you only interested in manufacturing of steel structure for you, your individual project? You need a small extension, conservatory or build the whole production hall, new modern showroom?  For you our prominent customer we always try to find an appropriate solution. Talk to us.

Total Packet Services

Move your expectations on the shoulders of our team and only wait for the result. We provide for you everything what you need, project planning, documentation, production, logistics, installation, guarantee of high quality of AVG system and other services provided by our staff lead to your satisfaction.

Before realisation

You only have an idea, project or just a vision?
Come to us with your thoughts, ideas, your projects and together we can create a real space, exceptional building.

After realisation

Contact us and together we can transform your intention into reality. We will offer you completed building in high quality.